Meet the new Gmail

Google unveiled its new design for Gmail yesterday, which features a modern and clean look.

The new look was said to be available to all Gmail users, but several South African users reported not being able to access the upgrade.

This has passed, however, and the “New Gmail” is now available to all local users.


How to upgrade? 

Google has confirmed that its new Gmail will be slowly phasing out across the world.

This is to make sure there’s no issues before its 1.2 billion users are all moved across to upgraded software.

However, if you want to give it a try today there’s a very simple way to upgrade right now.

To test out the new all-new Gmail simply open your current inbox in a web browser and go to Settings in the top right and select “Try the new Gmail”.

This will switch you from the old version to this new upgrade.


So whats new ? 

Snooze – In the latest Gmail update users can snooze messages for a set amount time.

Nudging – This alerts users to any emails they have missed or messages they have forgotten to respond to.

High priority notifications – When Gmail thinks something is important it will make sure you are made aware.

Unsubscribe – There’s now a simple way to stop spam with Gmail helping you unsubscribe to companies you never interact with.

Attachment chips – You can view and download attachments without opening the actual email.

Confidential mode – This stops recipients being able to forward, download or print an email.

Improved security – When Gmail spots something it thinks is a threat it now alerts users with a bold red alert across the message.

Smart replies – These let you quickly answer with an automatic response.

New look – Gmail is now less cluttered and its new side panel allows quick access to Google’s other apps including Calendar.


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